Valhallas Fallen MC

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1.MC colors must be worn at all time

2.You must own and ride a Bagger,Daemon or Hexer.The color of your bike is up to you.Its your bike,so express yourself.

3.The other MC members are your brothers.Treat them as such.

4.You must own a mic.If you dont have a mic,try to get one.If you cant get one the chances of higher promotion with in the MC will probably be affected.

5.If you need help,and your brothers dont assist let The Prez,VP or other high ranking members know.We will take care of it.

6.Allied MCs will not be harmed without provocation.

7.You cannot be a member of any other MC.Failure to comply will result in demotion and/or removal of patch and dismissal from VFMC.

8.Tank griefing will not be tolerated.We're an MC not a tank club.Failure to comply will result in demotion and/or removal of patch and dismissal from VFMC .

9.Dress Code: Although we are an MC,we dont require a specific dress code except for official MC meets.Wear whatever you want,as long as the MC patch is on the back.

For Church and all official MC events dress code is as follows: black leather jacket w/ MC patch on back,black or blue jeans,and boots.

10. Official Club Meets/Church/Video Shoots etc must be attended if possible.We understand that real life stuff pops up,and if you cannot attend please let us know on the VFMC Social Club page.Failure to attend or notify us that you cant make it will be viewed as indifference and will result in a warning.Further indifference will result in demotion and/or removal from VFMC.

11.No Drama.Were all adults so lets have fun!